You have invested the time, energy, and resources into your sport. Why rely on general advice from magazines and word of mouth to improve performance?

All initial athletic consults include:

  • Baseline health assessment
  • Energy need analysis
  • Macronutrients need analysis
  • Personalized fuel and hydration schedule for training
  • Personalized fuel and hydration needs for competition days

As my practice grows, my work with clients and teams had increasingly brought me to the field for first hand observations. Afterall, athletes are born in the field, not in an office! I am excited to become a mobile operation. I offer on-site meetings, home visits within 30 minutes of Seattle and appointments via Skype, FaceTime, and phone.

The following topics can be customized for individuals as well as teams and groups. They may also be delivered as a series in various settings.

Specialty includes:

  • First-time special events
  • Endurance sports
  • Power and endurance combination
  • Weight-limiting and esthetic sports
  • Strength training and increasing stamina
  • Competition strategies and altitude adjustment
  • Off season maintenance
  • Children and adolescent athletes
  • Master athletes
  • Injury recovery and reconditioning
  • Athletic team consultations
  • Athletic scholarships preparation

Endgame clients:

  • Austin Foundation
  • Marathoners and cyclists
  • Everett Figure Skating Club
  • Puget Sound Soccer Clinics
  • Dancers
  • Rain City Fencing Club

Download a comprehensive list of athletic services (PDF)