Business consultation

Show the world how your food can be good for their health.

Today’s consumers are savvier than ever. Ellen works with restaurant owners and chefs to augment healthy options on the menu. Endgame nutrition provides menu development for various consumer segments, flavor profiles creation, recipe analysis, and compliment any marketing campaigns.

    Ellen also consults with production companies on molecular and clinical animations for the biotech industry. She is passionate about accurate scientific representations and the educational power of visual images.

Menu facelift

  • Using existing menu
  • Create new recipes
  • Enhance flavor profiles
  • Highlight health benefits
  • Children's menu
  • Address consumer trends

Recipe analysis

  • Professional analysis
  • Nutrition information
  • Nutrition facts labels
  • Sacle recipes to production

On site presentations

  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Video, commerical, and infomercial production
  • Food safety education and inspection
  • Food trends educations
  • Institutional nutrition services

  • Quantity production
  • Production schedule
  • Food waste minimization
  • Seasonal mean rotaton
  • Local organic produce procurement

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