We strictly adhere to the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules regarding your personal and health information

Sports and family nutrition are not consider treatment for a medical condition, therefore there is usually no insurance coverage. We also believe quality support and fostering a personal relationship are not often provided by medical institutions. We are aware of the potential economic challenges and usually able to work with clients for affordable services. Rates below are due at the time of service. We provide an invoice which you can submit for possible insurance reimbursement.

Body Composition Analysis

BIA 310 is a research-grade bioimpendence (BIA) body composition analyzer that can accurately measure your body composition. This service provides 10 measurements including:

  • Body lean mass, body fat mass, percent body fat
  • Total body water
  • Basal metabolic rate
  • $20 with home visit

Sports nutrition

  • Initial appointment 75 minutes - $165 home visit within 30 minutes of Seattle; $120 Skype, FaceTime, or Phone
  • Follow-up 50 minutes - $145 home visit, $80 Skype, FaceTime, or Phone
  • Follow-up 30 minutes - $45 Skype, FaceTime, or Phone
  • Athletic team services: Call for complimentary consultation

Authorship and presentation

  • Feature articles, $350 and up
  • Continuing education modules, $450 and up
  • Magazine, newsletter, short articles, $50 and up
  • Recipes, $30 and up

Family nutrition

Family plans are based on number of family members and services requested. Rates below are estimates:

  • Pregnancy nutrition, 3+ months starts at $400
  • Infant and toddler feeding, $200 per month
  • Family meal plans with recipes and shopping list, starts at $300 first month, $180 additional months
  • Personal grocery store tour, $120
  • Customed cooking lesson, starts at $350 for 4 sessions
Athletic scholarship sports nutrition coaching

Team packages are customized depending on the sport, number of athletes, age range, practice locations, etc.

Business consultation
  • Menu development and recipe creation $120/hour
  • On site projects $150/hour
  • Nutrition and recipe analysis $80/hour
  • Nutrition facts label $20 and up each
  • Payment Policy

    Cash, personal checks are accepted. Payment plans available for multiple appointments, please inquire.

    Late appointments: It is your choice whether to proceed with the appointment. However, we recommend at least 30 minutes for initial and 20 minutes for follow-up appointments. Your satisfaction is our priority. Full price will be charged.

    Returned checks: An additional $25 will be added to returned checks.